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Leica SOFORT 2

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Instant Cameras - Capturing the Moment on Polaroid

More than 70 years ago, the first model of an instant camera was introduced and it was nothing less than a revolution: because it was a camera that presented the photographer with finished prints after just a few seconds. The enthusiasm continues. Since Photokina in 2016, the instant camera has been making its big comeback, because many people want to have photos they can touch again.

Revive the romance of the 70s with instant cameras, these cameras are currently celebrating their renaissance. They are the perfect companion for any event, be it weddings, birthday parties, barbecues or family nights. Instant cameras do not capture images in the most excelent quality, but their charm lies in the fallibility of the images. Polaroids are simply made for unique snapshots, beautiful moments.

Polaroids today also serve in many homes as a reminder of past students, celebrations or birthdays. The ease of use of the instant camera makes it suitable for anyone who has also never held a camera in their hand. If you want to experience nostalgia, an instant camera is the right choice. A modern instant camera provides better pictures than an antique / older instant camera, which are also developed in a faster time.

Advantages of instant cameras

  • Unique photos
  • Great fun
  • Easy to use without needing background knowledge
  • Photos visible in a few minutes

Another advantage, which we did not want to mention above, are modern features like app connection or fancy filters for the lens of the camera.

7 tips for better Polaroids

  1. Don't wave / pan the finished image while developing, this will harm the quality
  2. Stick the picture in a dark room / place. It is also enough that the developing side looks at the table
  3. Protect Polaroids from sunlight & & heat, so as not to damage the films
  4. Pay attention to the composition of the image, again, the rule of thirds applies in a small space
  5. Use the mirror on the front for your selfies
  6. Do not shoot against the sun
  7. Use the variety of films: color or black and white

Known brands for Polaroid cameras

In addition to the Fujifilm brand and their Instax series, there is also the Polaroid brand, which has since been bought out under and now continues to develop the Polaroid cameras. Other brands are Canon and Kodak.

Features of modern instant cameras

Modern Polaroid cameras offer WiFi uploads, filter functions, lens functions, Bluetooth, as well as memory card slots.